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The Soluxe Courtyard Hotel Beijing (Yangguang Laozhaiyuan Jiudian) is located on Jiugulou Street in Xicheng district, near the Gulou Subway Station. There are many popular Beijing attractions in the surrounding area including Ditan Park, the Lama Temple and Shichahai.

Built on the site of the Ming Dynasty Guangji and Jiaci temples, the Soluxe's architecture and décor adopt the style of the Ming and Qing-era buildings that once stood here, featuring upturned eaves, intricate carvings and vibrantly colored ceilings.

The hotel serves local Beijing cuisine and some Western food.

In addition, the Soluxe Courtyard Hotel offers foreign currency exchange services and postal services.[View Detail]
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  • Isabella2010
    Heard friends say that good
    Leaving the subway super close, quiet, basic double room is relatively small, the last living standards, facilities and the hotel in General, poor soundproofing, bathe using electric water heaters, washing a feasted on cold, isolated for at least half an hour, water boil, less convenient.
  • amy0817
    Hotel in actually no can for bulk guest dining of restaurant, this is didn't thought of. Although hotel outside of drum Street is lively, but because has elderly wants to in hotel in casually eat points also not can. disappointed has. Second, no thought room so small, both personal live is is crowded, estimated this double room also on 10 square meters, on this price on think too your has, equal price in speed eight or Inn7, or other shortcut hotel are should set to more big some of. Advantages;Great location! quiet! the cats in the yard nice!
  • VIVI -AN
    Also, the hardware is too general
  • gilbert.ma
    Second stay at, the surrounding environment, the internal environment of the hotel is very good. is the shower of bath is too poor, strong currents, body cannot be rushed, wash your hair hard.
  • anita_tien
    Group price 198 Yuan, we fail to search before, 298, later arrival search find buy so favorable,
  • lovebaby8316
    Room freshening up, I don't see anyway, is generally not recommended
  • e01342140
    As Hu Tong hotel, should be high on the show.
  • nannan127
    A eunuch's House before, compared with Beijing characteristics, this hotel is to experience it, the humble facilities in room, bathroom was older, a night's sleep can be.
  • yl0424
    Room was a bit small and a bit worn, but the yard is very good, very unique
  • e00004150
    Front desk service attitude poor to no ever encountered of worst of hotel room small to than Hong Kong Chongqing building of room also land inch gold than I with price set of with tablets district of a four star hotel poor has not know how many times! this is second wall rags also moldy has was thought just himself luck bad encountered than poor of room deliberately put yard in of other room are see has about a floor yard in house area see with big little but each between toSurface is wet because of damp rooms like spilled water how can you live with the door open was very silent and serious doubts about the authenticity of praise
  • deerxiaolu
    A very good environment, is health, not hot enough
  • betterlj
    Mainly old house styles, permanent modern-style hotel will Visual discomfort. hotel facilities are not complete. is their unique style!
  • dsj106
    Consistent with other reviews, in-store environments and traffic outside the store are nice
  • d belly East
    Service is extremely poor. breakfast! three rooms with a 1.2-meter children not to eat the bad attitude
  • a38076986
    And we think it's great
  • Beibei peas
    Very clean, service is good, but there is no elevator, big luggage hard, room was a bit small, there are a few parking spaces, drive Alley is not very convenient. is suitable for visitors with no children.
    So so
  • ding5528
    Environment of the antique, the location did not have to say, two metro, walk to Houhai 1km. building area (don't know) meet guests not smart will be noisy, room OK, is the water electric water heater run out (we have two large and one small).
  • ljc197819
    Old equipment, sewer smell in the room is too heavy.
  • dear0085
    With friends old houses-old tastes
  • e00027506
    Was very close to subway public transportation, many meals in restaurants and surroundings very well. hotel's hardware is also very good, old House are quite special, but the hotel management sincerely bad, wallpaper falling off badly, not Wi-Fi at the hotel.
  • annawlp
    Great style, to the smell of the room, old, shampoo without blowing your hair at night, footsteps at night is large,
  • allison_jayla
    Very good location close to the Metro station within 5 minutes walk to Houhai and the South Gong and drum lane near to the airport and train station are also nice is the yard facilities
  • forrestlu
    Moldy wallpaper peeling off the walls of the room are very comfortable, felt as if he had never not suck dust and smell, overall it is very old, not old dilapidated, the bonus is the transportation is very convenient and accessible.
  • Jieis
    Hotel location environment is good, pavilions small bridge water of feel. children is like in yard in play, in outside around on said to back Hotel play, said yihou to Beijing also to live in here. just standard between slightly explicit cramped, because luggage compared more. luxury between slightly big some, but standard room in a independent of yard in, environment better. friends see has photos are said environment good, yihou will to live. breakfast has Chinese Western, daily are will for for pattern. General for, worth pushRecommended.
  • eleven000601
    Hotel in very good location, next to
  • lin .
    Good location to find, is the room was a bit small, no WIFI
  • yelody
    Hotel is a renovation of the temple, facilities, stay, under the experience of Beijing Siheyuan, or good ... at night I can't hotels around
  • e01612246
    Depressed died has, to parents set has room, elderly just in is has feel of, hotel of garden and lobby are good, but into room on scare a jumped, wallpaper are off has, facilities old on not said has, most at least of feel are do not to, mother reflect night sleep body are good itch. These are not is what, front desk miss is badly of, and she talk or is in call were it not for indifferent, that male of pour is patience of. was to live two late, live has a night will're merely sendin ' andEscape.
  • gilgerard
    Just so so
  • marissa_wwy
    Pretty distinctive, and very close to the Metro, good. friends travel help, stay three nights, she felt good. eat around a lot, is very characteristic, went to Beijing to consider.
  • asladagu
    Environment like, sit on the promenade is particularly felt in the evening, traffic is also very convenient, rooms a little old but understandable
  • e05038333
    Features antique, obsolete facilities.
  • linjijia
    Good geographical location, very close to Metro station, very convenient
  • ljt1982
    Also, is the room small
  • lcy0402
    Price is not high.
  • lovelorner
    Very satisfaction of place. room should is to warm, so housing in special warm. live in this old of yard in, Memorial history, and live in modern of residential in is not as of feel. waiter attitude is good, service also is in place. location is good, away from Metro mouth very near. only not too good of is Beijing water too bad, burn Kettle are has scale, are can't with. so three days are Shang front desk boil water drink.
  • e02018299
    Very unique, is the low season fewer people
  • e01862461
    Nice yard beautiful, so-called Inn deluxe room facilities of standard rooms or poor services. price is lower.
  • james1218
    The external environment of the hotel is very good! soft old! the traffic is very convenient!
  • LUCY925
    Hotel is great, out of the lane is the subway, to the drum tower, Hou Hai, also in two stops within easy, old city House, so the hotel facilities, rooms are small
  • CJX200212
    Good location, near subway 2, Line 8 line super close to the room's too small
  • canamy
    Very convenient location, go out on the Metro station, the internal environment like, friends. next time you will have the opportunity to choose a large bed.
  • fatpigcat
    Convenient, clean mouth, elderly and children like feeling in the hospital.
  • tony_dang
    The old House, Beijing Hotel is just one word can sum up: expensive!
  • xavier
    To sum up, it is a very nice hotel. first of all, very good location, from the drum tower Street subway station is very close. hotel using old-style courtyard house in Beijing, where guests feel the antique taste of old Beijing, a taste of the rich history and culture. hotel services are good, good health, is a satisfactory and recommend the hotel.
  • ivy83526
    Service is a bit overbearing, is to let our leaders do as recommended by the push to clients
  • If a large
  • general
    Convenient Beijing House nice but small houses, equipment is a bit old, the service also needs to be improved, thank you!