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The Soluxe Courtyard Hotel Beijing (Yangguang Laozhaiyuan Jiudian) is located on Jiugulou Street in Xicheng district, near the Gulou Subway Station. There are many popular Beijing attractions in the surrounding area including Ditan Park, the Lama Temple and Shichahai.

Built on the site of the Ming Dynasty Guangji and Jiaci temples, the Soluxe's architecture and décor adopt the style of the Ming and Qing-era buildings that once stood here, featuring upturned eaves, intricate carvings and vibrantly colored ceilings.

The hotel serves local Beijing cuisine and some Western food.

In addition, the Soluxe Courtyard Hotel offers foreign currency exchange services and postal services.[View Detail]
住客评论 357条评论     4.1分/5分 更多
  • lin .
    Good location to find, is the room was a bit small, no WIFI
  • ninja
    Excellent location good buffet was good
  • fj9221
    Traffic convenience, near Metro station; near dinner of place very of more, breakfast also good of varieties not more, enough eat has, which of tofu spent very good drink. hotel is past of old courtyard alterations, courtyard in has towering tree and a only gentle of cat, tea make cat is very good of. room within of health conditions and facilities has old was, is not match so good of courtyard!
  • dandnablw
    Slightly older facilities, environment and traffic facilities
  • e05038333
    Features antique, obsolete facilities.
  • freedom234
    Very bad
  • alextcma
    In addition to smaller everything else OK
  • fai20000
    It's OK
  • nestalinxin1989
    Environment is great, accommodation, very close to the sea, going out to eat a lot
  • afddd
    Really worth this price, room was small and cold.
  • nettleleaf
  • yelody
    Hotel is a renovation of the temple, facilities, stay, under the experience of Beijing Siheyuan, or good ... at night I can't hotels around
  • jwfy84
    Feel is very general, Inn room are late, room was small, feels boring, indoor facilities are generally
  • e00730959
    Also, room was small. this kind of pressure.
  • cavin
    Cold winter days not too convenient, too cold, air conditioning does not work
  • ERIC11217
    How do you say and feel that we will do better on the basis of traditional style, slightly lower price
  • dsj106
    Consistent with other reviews, in-store environments and traffic outside the store are nice
  • lulu2010
    Poor bathroom, small room service. worth it
  • austor
    Where, in the alley, the navigation map to find. service line, other hemp. don't feel value. However hotel features architecture can also ...
  • jilimao
    Room was old.
  • byy2002
    Good room very good
  • luojingren
    Beijing many times and always wanted to live in a traditional House. Oh well. particularly the environment is very good, is the place where stories.
  • e00026912
    Room too small, others are fine
  • jasminewang11
    Old Beijing style environment don't say it in the yard, house equipment, decoration, is worth trying, but the price is expensive.
  • cece713
    Very nice hotel, good location, convenient
  • autumn20101016
    To decorate wallpaper off a lot of showers too old is very good hotel and very good location is to decorate the
  • cindy810
    Room is very characteristic, good service, no bad reviews
  • peng_xue_bing
    Good, is the hotel a little older
  • beauvoir
    Pedestrian street of antique is not particularly good location walk to attractions you have to go for a period of time
  • daila
    Rooms are clean and bright, excellent service
  • littleton888
    We booked 3 rooms. One for a couple, one for a single man, and one for parents. When we came to check-in, the room for the single man wasnt done, but they gave him the key to the dirty room. He was tired and hot. He made his way back down and they gave him a room right next to ours. Why they didnt in the first place was confusing. Then the key card didnt work. It was the first time in my traveling life that the check-in to a hotel was so long and confusing. The building is BEAUTIFUL but the rooms in the main building are really run down. Holes in the wall, stains on the wall, carpets with stains, but the bedding and towels were very clean. The stay came with a breakfast. The breakfast was pretty good. I would stay here again if the price was right and if there were no other places to stay.
  • lanbay
    Subway station very close to the hotel, Prince Gong's mansion, Beihai Park, South Gong and drum lane is very close to the hotel is quite distinctive.
  • dynamoginger
    Help customers booking. clients when the time comes, customers were surprised, but is such a quaint courtyard. heart like! deliberately left the room with a bed.
  • dianan
    Good location, nice
  • burtwoo
    Room is very characteristic, heat is very large, nice
  • Pateffi
    Overall felt good, but rooms are a little small, facilities are not so good
  • ljc197819
    Old equipment, sewer smell in the room is too heavy.
  • e00094984
    Get trouble quiet location, convenient traffic, 2, 8 station intersection. courtyard is beautiful no words! but uncomfortable in room accommodation; TV snow, bedroom small stuffy thin mattresses, spring show.
  • franvoice
    Set of hospital district luxury between 1.8 meters big bed room, elderly with children do staying of when said only 1.5 meters or 1.1 meters two Zhang spell of, later phone I only to transfers out, explained said full hotel 1.8 of bed only 1 between. old house environment can, health General, room facilities old. travel convenient, Hutong entrance 60 road 82 road a station to to Houhai, street opposite 2nd, 8th, Metro line, right go 200 meters has McDonald's.
  • C walk the world
    Nice and comfortable and features suited to experience!
  • jimin5363
    The external environment of the hotel is very good, rooms are older, some Sockets can't be used. Generally acceptable
  • pandafuture
    Good, convenient accommodation in quiet, easy to play, toilet
  • sg6088
    Location close to Metro station, the occupancy rate is not high, old rooms facilities, no WIFI, suited to experience Beijing soluxe, not suitable for a business trip.
  • Teddyteddyteddy
    Nice, nice yard, convenient, the hotel is also very hard to find, when you lived here
  • e02018299
    Very unique, is the low season fewer people
  • amy0817
    Hotel in actually no can for bulk guest dining of restaurant, this is didn't thought of. Although hotel outside of drum Street is lively, but because has elderly wants to in hotel in casually eat points also not can. disappointed has. Second, no thought room so small, both personal live is is crowded, estimated this double room also on 10 square meters, on this price on think too your has, equal price in speed eight or Inn7, or other shortcut hotel are should set to more big some of. Advantages;Great location! quiet! the cats in the yard nice!
  • leilei80
    Traffic is very easy to turn a corner on the 2nd Metro
  • superwan
    Facility is old-if the service and decoration can be done on a boutique hotel-now cost a little bit less! nearly 500 price-well
  • lele0509
    More generally, a little disappointed
  • yuntians
    Also, antique