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The Soluxe Courtyard Hotel Beijing (Yangguang Laozhaiyuan Jiudian) is located on Jiugulou Street in Xicheng district, near the Gulou Subway Station. There are many popular Beijing attractions in the surrounding area including Ditan Park, the Lama Temple and Shichahai.

Built on the site of the Ming Dynasty Guangji and Jiaci temples, the Soluxe's architecture and décor adopt the style of the Ming and Qing-era buildings that once stood here, featuring upturned eaves, intricate carvings and vibrantly colored ceilings.

The hotel serves local Beijing cuisine and some Western food.

In addition, the Soluxe Courtyard Hotel offers foreign currency exchange services and postal services.[View Detail]
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  • freedom234
    Very bad
  • alitfox
    Great service is also quite intimate, half month journey in Beijing lived in three days of Double Happiness Courtyard Hotel, relatively speaking, still this good hotel, the room spacious, but not wet, economical! beautiful courtyard view, really good! the ointment is en-suite shower, washing very well!
  • alextcma
    In addition to smaller everything else OK
  • ninja
    Excellent location good buffet was good
  • literate
    Nice hotel.
  • e00917754
    Nice, convenient, surrounded by food, feel the alley
  • joyri
    Elegant environment, good location, ancient relics.
  • e01490429
    Simplicity, environment in General!
  • lijie16399
    Good location, facilities is old
  • dllily888
    Well well ... ... Nice ... ... Antique? like really?
  • anita37
    Which is very nice
  • graceli99
    A typical courtyard, nice, convenient, helpful, but old facilities.
  • e02768382
    Well, the environment elegant, convenient, cost-effective. good value for money, next time you will live to soluxe courtyard.
  • lxn36
    But not too hard to find, others are OK. metro station is also very convenient
    Older facilities good location, value for money also can be
  • lilanglang
    Hotel is old, facilities need to be updated
  • mengyebinxun11
    Order to a friend, tell me better, next time.
  • fiona1122
    Location is good, quite near from the Metro, very close to the walk to Houhai, the only inadequacy is that the room is too small, but also because of one inch an inch of gold in Beijing.
  • d04809869
    Lobby, very quiet. at the stone table for tea in the afternoon sun, comfortable! to say enough, is the room is too small, no table
  • congcong446
    Quite characteristic, condition of room, Nice location
  • cc1169
    External environment have no say, patterns of old Beijing courtyard, is the floor area of the original booking, go to free upgrades to the courtyard, well ... next time you have the opportunity to
  • cavin
    Cold winter days not too convenient, too cold, air conditioning does not work
  • goodboy
    Ancient renovated House, very special. transportation is convenient, close to Metro, in the city center, where it is never too far
  • nisan_1982
    Old House, very nice!
  • afddd
    Really worth this price, room was small and cold.
  • ferrylu
    This friend in Beijing, the most uncomfortable night, looking for a distinctive, almost sleepless night. facilities are old and in her words, spring is going to pop up, and health is not good, beds and small. the prices there are shortcut
  • burtwoo
    Room is very characteristic, heat is very large, nice
  • liliniya
    A very good environment, good location, located next to the Metro, but the House was too old, especially the bathroom, take half not hot, I don't know what water heater, will not be the kitchen, right? very mini Ah ha ha
  • eagleni
    Super nice, super convenient, after coming here. twin beds a bit small
  • mcm901570
    Location great, praised the environment! courtyard super unique! Health and service was good. The defect; universal standard big bed room so cramped (especially with children have proposed replacing deluxe room). Shower really is not to force, recommended hotels to replace shower!
  • alwaysfly
    To tell you the truth, have not had such a bad hotel, expensive, regrets death of
  • jwfy84
    Feel is very general, Inn room are late, room was small, feels boring, indoor facilities are generally
  • luojingren
    Beijing many times and always wanted to live in a traditional House. Oh well. particularly the environment is very good, is the place where stories.
  • CX1069291908
    OK, just do not know which side of the issue, almost killed me and no place to live
  • datoo
    I lived around the corner from this place for years, and dismissed even checking it out because of its naff name - and its proximity to the North 2nd Ringroad. When I did finally give it a look, I was amazed. It's a large, tastefully renovated traditional courtyard (a former temple established by a Ming Dynasty official), and despite being only 100m or so from a thundering major road, it is uncannily quiet and tranquil. The rooms are a bit basic, but very clean and comfortable. The desk staff are nice, and speak reasonable English now (a step up from a year or two ago). The breakfast, predictably, isn't up to much, but is not usually included in basic packages anyway - and there are lots of great places to eat within a few minutes' walk. The major selling points are the restful ambience of the courtyard space itself, and the excellent location - right next to Gulou Dajie subway station, and only 10 or 15 minutes' walk to the Bell Tower, the Houhai Lakes, and trendy hutong neighbourhoods like Baochao, Fangjia, Nanluoguxiang, etc. I am hesitant to puff this place too much, because I feel it is kind of 'my secret' - very, very few foreign guests come here at present.
  • drcclau
    Each to Beijing will to this live, actually facilities is old has, health only is justified, but small hospital of environment, also has ancient of atmosphere let I also wants to to live-especially traffic too convenience-out door go a not to 50 meters is road side, taxi quite convenient, out door to left turn go a a minutes is Metro station, sat Metro also convenient-main is around delicious of fun of also many-if health and facilities can again upgrade about on good has-but this price in BeijingIs really not very expensive-nice-
  • neverbeeny
    Two rings within the environment really well!
  • BeijingJames
    The location is very good
  • stillmomo
    Facilities are OK, but the environment is very quiet! courtyard style!
  • emerald
    Great location, great view home-antique-like him-here-again!
  • Isabella2010
    Heard friends say that good
    Leaving the subway super close, quiet, basic double room is relatively small, the last living standards, facilities and the hotel in General, poor soundproofing, bathe using electric water heaters, washing a feasted on cold, isolated for at least half an hour, water boil, less convenient.
  • amy0817
    Hotel in actually no can for bulk guest dining of restaurant, this is didn't thought of. Although hotel outside of drum Street is lively, but because has elderly wants to in hotel in casually eat points also not can. disappointed has. Second, no thought room so small, both personal live is is crowded, estimated this double room also on 10 square meters, on this price on think too your has, equal price in speed eight or Inn7, or other shortcut hotel are should set to more big some of. Advantages;Great location! quiet! the cats in the yard nice!
  • VIVI -AN
    Also, the hardware is too general
  • gilbert.ma
    Second stay at, the surrounding environment, the internal environment of the hotel is very good. is the shower of bath is too poor, strong currents, body cannot be rushed, wash your hair hard.
  • anita_tien
    Group price 198 Yuan, we fail to search before, 298, later arrival search find buy so favorable,
  • lovebaby8316
    Room freshening up, I don't see anyway, is generally not recommended
  • e01342140
    As Hu Tong hotel, should be high on the show.
  • nannan127
    A eunuch's House before, compared with Beijing characteristics, this hotel is to experience it, the humble facilities in room, bathroom was older, a night's sleep can be.
  • yl0424
    Room was a bit small and a bit worn, but the yard is very good, very unique