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Putian city sculpture art master is exhibited at the capital museum in Beijing

Date: 2014-12-31

The new net of Beijing on December 31 (xinhua Yin Li) putian city sculpture art master Beijing exhibition of 31 in the opening of the capital museum. The exhibition "art Wen Zaidao, big beauty god" as the theme, on display more than 20 achieving through national and provincial arts and crafts master of more than 100 classic, set up in the capital city of arts and crafts exhibition and exchange platform, to further heighten the putian culture brand.
In the exhibition brings together Fang Wentao, SheGuoPing, feng-rong li, MinGuoLin, Huang Wenshou, Song Chunguo, chun-hui zheng, xin-ming wang and other arts and crafts master of more than 20 national and provincial and rookie of the more than 100 classic, categories include wood carving, stone carving, jade carving,.chinese and bamboo, etc. Their works or simple and elegant, wonderful artical excelling nature, or show originality, size of vivid, or match well of Chinese and western, bold innovation, putian is contemporary sculpture art inheritance and the nucleus, represents the three generations of putian carving industry bring together the overall writing style.
At present, putian woodcarving craft and "fairy" production techniques have been included in the national list of intangible cultural heritage representative projects. According to organizers, master during the exhibition will also be fine appreciation, invited the domestic craft arts world famous experts, scholars and putian arts and crafts masters of dialogue, communication, and to review their work site, and putian sculpture art heritage and development on in-depth discussion.
, putian art carving, wood carving as the main representative of famous in arts and crafts industry in the country, has its place. Putian woodcarving xing in the tang and song dynasty, sheng Ming, rise in the contemporary, integrating calligraphy, painting, sculpture, is all previous dynasties art home craftsman culture idea, aesthetic temperament and interest, and the fusion of craft technique accumulation; Its main techniques are round, valuable.such handiwork, embossing, root carving, the category of figure of Buddha, and flower nature landscape furnishing articles, miscellaneous pieces of furniture, play, etc.; It has various shape, very practical, appreciation and collection value, and zhejiang dongyang wood carving, wood carving, guangdong gold lacquer wenzhou boxwood carving wooden "four big famous carving" said China.
Industry achieved rapid development in recent years, putian woodcarving, has a group of leading enterprises and woodcarving master, every year there are a lot of wood products in the national various clueless TTF attending the meeting. Putian, according to the existing sculpture enterprises more than 3000, more than 80000 employees, has become the nation's largest leading producer of architectural decoration wood carvings, statues carved wooden, the world's largest sandalwood, agalloch eaglewood wood craft products production base.
Putian arts and crafts industry including wood, classical furniture, jade carving, stone carving, religious sculptures and other 10 categories. Through the generations, has been a key region of arts and crafts in fujian putian. In 2013, putian has more than 5000 arts and crafts enterprises, employees 350000 people, the output value of more than 50 billion yuan, has been awarded the "China wood city", "Chinese classical process of furniture" and so on many arts and crafts classes "state" brand.
In the arts and crafts industry, driven by putian cultural industry has made rapid development. In 2013, putian to realize cultural industry added value 11.28 billion yuan, accounting for the proportion of GDP of 8.5%, has been high on fujian province's first four years in a row. (after)