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The Olympic park for the third session of ice and snow kingdom

Date: 2015-01-01

New net of Beijing on December 31 (xinhua Yin Li) to better help jing zhang joint "games, a rich New Year countdown main venue - the Beijing Olympics park central area of the content across the years, Beijing's Olympic park press conference of third session of ice and snow kingdom held 31 in the Olympic park.
Beijing winter one deputy secretary-general, news propaganda department minister Wang Hui said at the news conference, is "the games in Beijing in 2014 to work efficient for a year, and 2015 will be" the games are important for a year. Beijing is not only has the ability to host an incomparable summer Olympic Games, will also have the ability to show the world Beijing host the winter Olympic Games. During 2014, Beijing hosted a rather dense ice activities, these activities have attracted the public's broad participation, showed the national people's support for the bid to host the games, as well as the wide popularity of ice and snow sports.
Air skiing skills world champion dan-dan guo said, in order to let more people enjoy skiing, fall in love with skiing, will start from the most basic, let the public access to the ice and snow, ice and snow kingdom held that built a platform to the popularity of ice and snow sports.
It is understood that the ice and snow kingdom will formally on January 1, 2015, will be "for the bid to host the games are power" as a slogan, rotating with BingHuaTi, snow flying saucer, snow, flying through the snow, ice and snow animals and ornamental, parent-child DIY rich entertainment continue to render ice, snow pro-democracy entertainment district.
In addition, it is worth mentioning that the ice and snow kingdom, invested heavily in ice set the theme for the qingming festival on the painting "giant lantern of real art viewing area, has finished debugging, will bring a different visual feast for the people in the capital.
"Beijing Olympic park ice and snow kingdom" activity is the brand of winter created by Beijing enn activities, the use of the Olympic park central area dragon-shaped water system, the shape of winter snow and ice activities sites of very large scale. After two years of development, has become a great place to visit Beijing residents in winter, the high quality of enterprises, the full scale, BianMinHua makes the Olympic legacy use of the ideas and measures. (after)