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Beijing New Year countdown Power's bid to host the winter games

Date: 2015-01-02

China news agency Beijing January 1 (reporter in vertical clouds) on the evening of December 31, with "snow in Beijing invite rings" as the theme of 2015 New Year countdown activity held in Beijing Olympic park. The cross region of the New Year countdown show, blended in many elements, the Olympic bid the city gathers people to bid for the 2022 winter Olympic Games successful.
As Beijing zhangjiakou important promotion's bid to host the 2022 winter games, the New Year countdown activity for the first time in Beijing Olympic park as the bird's nest, yanqing badaling Great Wall at the foot, zhangjiakou worship ritual ice world start simultaneously.
Last night when the whole 20, 2014, the bird's nest main hockey performances, yanqing performance at the venue on the ice block and worship ceremony began to snow event venue of synchronization.
Today the main venue of the Olympic park as the bird's nest, and blended in element of ice and snow and winter sports, in the middle of the field laid nearly 3000 square meters area and 2000 square meters of ice and snow ski slopes. The bird's nest, 13000 square meters large screen transformation from time to time on the subject of "the games are dazzle colour picture.
Looks like the night under the bird's nest, cheers. 23 when 30 points, in the song of the song "happy New Year", the official start of the New Year countdown show, 20 hockey with red lanterns, sugar-coated berry, windmills, balloon, with professional skier slide into the field, bring the rich flavor of the winter in the north.
23 45 points, when the New Year countdown activity in full swing, warm passion of the stirring drum sound, as if steps closer in the New Year. Once in 2008 Beijing Olympic Games opening ceremony performance Lin miaoke, pure and fresh and young girl to grow up, household songs to sing a song "I love you, camels of snow", bring people together into wonderful romantic ice world.
Famous pianist lang lang played the dynamic melody "salute the rings"; Games champions from the stage after the slide area to the front of an audience, send 2015 New Year wishes, and with city officials to attend the activities open "2015 sonata" device.
At zero point of the upcoming moment, the bird's nest on the big screen to present the axial flash moves video, three audience together Shouting: "3, 2, 1," at this time of the New Year bell, colorful paper firecrackers in the sky blooms, lamplight hands in photograph reflect. The audience blessing, each other hug to each other, the scene was transported with joy, with "welcome to Beijing" melody, together to meet the arrival of 2015.
Beijing New Year countdown began in 2012, has been in the temple of heaven, the Summer Palace and the Great Wall at badaling successfully held three times, and gradually become the world's attention in cities across the new brand. (after)