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The largest smart banking settled in Beijing

Date: 2015-01-30

Yesterday, an area of 2000 square meters of domestic intelligent biggest bank, industrial and commercial bank of xidan intelligent bank opened, deposit withdrawals, bidding for the net silver, explain get toward the U shield, paper and sealed COINS, currency and exchange, to buy precious metals such as originally need to the artificial counter to complete the business, all can in intelligent terminal on self-help bank to handle.
"Unit just to change the new pay check, have to activate to use later, think of home nearby icbc big long queue I worry every day." Just opened yesterday morning, icbc xidan smart banking was ushered in the first guests -- liu liu came in when shopping in the neighborhood.
Walk through the door, in the doorway of the intelligent navigation devices choose "I want to do card", screen immediately through the bank of 3 d images, handle card will need to use the self-service machine position display.
Scan id card, use the self-service machine bring camera leave your profile pictures, with a stylus after leaving autograph on the electronic screen, liu completed her needed to activate the card.
After a few seconds, a handheld tablet bank staff came to her side, and through the information shown on the tablet of liu and liu himself for identity verification. "Card to activate the PAD terminal remind me you doing, I'll give you do a manual authorization." A minute later, liu card to activate the success.
According to introducing, in this smart bank, in addition to the part of the high level of security business needs manual authorization, many business can do full buffet is dealt with. Large has 40 sets of intelligent terminals, smart bank only need three auxiliary staff to handle the business. Expect this smart banking self-service equipment to undertake 2000 business every day.
Recently, many Banks launched smart bank in Beijing. Kiosks can borrow money to buy a car. In the past, such idea is a fable. On Friday, bank of Beijing in zhongguancun bank launched the intelligence, the country's first video machine appearance, loan credit good citizens can need not face to face contact bank tellers, in two hours to get the highest consumer loans of 100000 yuan.
In the past, a small micro enterprises to know how their aptitude can borrow loans, a thick stack of material, need to take to the bank queuing. In bank of Beijing zhongguancun intelligent preliminary "small micro enterprise credit" of the bank branch business areas, enterprise information, through the video terminal and the background, after checking the personnel of the service for remote small micro enterprise entrepreneurs will soon be able to obtain bank of Beijing is given from the tens of thousands of yuan to one million yuan of its "credit".
"Along with the advancement of marketization of interest rate, including the launch of the deposit insurance system and a series of policies, the banking industry's profit sources