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Beijing starting places census propaganda For places to build "family tree"

Date: 2015-02-12

New net of Beijing on December 30 (reporter had light) zhongguancun, sanlitun, wudaokou... Ask hiding places everywhere in Beijing university. Start place census campaigns, 30, Beijing will establish a placename database, standard name application.
30, "places census, carrying forward the culture of place names" theme activities held in Beijing. On the wangfujing walking street, the Beijing municipal planning commission staff to the Chinese and foreign tourists foldout maps for the publicity materials, explaining the story behind the city name.
Beijing's second leading group office of national place-names census relevant controller introduces, with the economic and social development, many places have changed, some department records "genealogy" is difficult to reflect the actual situation of the local. In July this year, the state council launched the second national place-names census (until June 2018), Beijing also has established the leading group, the second national place-names census member is composed of the municipal government related functional departments, led by the city planning commission and the civil affairs bureau jointly organize their implementation.
"To standardize processing non-standard place name", the Beijing municipal planning commission comprehensive TBS, deputy director of the Guo Jian said. , he said, the census main task is to find out name attribute information and the related information of geographical entity, important geographic entity named to a nameless, for important geographic entity set up signs such as place names, public awareness of the typical places in the city culture.
Guo Jian said, compared with a national census for the 1:50 000, Beijing will be higher, the precision of the survey content is divided into natural geographical entities and human geography entity of two groups, including land drainage, topography, land administrative area, the mass autonomous organization, non-executive areas, residential areas, transport facilities, water conservancy, electric power, communications facilities, monuments, scenic spots and buildings, units of 11 categories of the name, location, and the relevant attribute information.
It is understood that at present the city has developed a "Beijing second national place-names implementation plan of census, the census of the scope, tasks, work mechanism, the responsibilities of each department and the specific scheduling and so on has made a clear requirements; Will establish and improve the city (county) level division and the place name database, strengthening the construction of Beijing toponym resources informationization service, organization to carry out the standard of place names in the city figure, recording, Canon, tzu chi publications such as work, and establish the place name census records. (after)